“The Bulletin Board”

Susan Monteleone, editor November 7, 2012 / Issue #2


Remember, my friends:  “Focus on the Light, not the storm.” Do not despair.

Let’s gather together at our next meeting, Thursday, Nov 15th. Details below.


NOTE:  If you did not receive Issue #1, PLEASE read it on the UVP website! www.uvpatriots.org


  • Kudos to Dale Greenlee for doing a great job leading our monthly gathering on October 18th.  It had more of a ‘roundtable’ style and everyone present added a lot to the varied discussions.
  • The first topic was “What to focus on in these days before the election”.  PRAYER…was the big reply and we reminded ourselves that there is a national ‘pray for the nation’ moment every night at 7 pm.  Please join in.
  • Also discussed was the importance of talking to people who we meet in our day-to-day lives, and how best to go about this. Dale also gives out our UVP business card and invites folks to the group.
  • Other topics included
  1. the televised debates;
  2. the movies “Occupied Unmasked” and “2016”;
  3. a review of this “Bulletin Board” use and the UVP Yahoo Group. Once again, Susan encouraged members to send her items for inclusion;
  • Mike Sequiera (our new treasurer) reported that he has opened an account for our UVP nest egg, which is at $408.
  • Dennis O. and Kris W. discussed arranging ‘career talks’ at local schools; Dennis also noted that he went to one of the Ukiah School Board’s open meetings with their new superintendant, Deb Kubin. There were only TWO non-teachers there…including him!
  • Mike Sequiera shared an idea about residents getting together with teachers just to listen to each other’s frustrations and suggestions;
  • Debbie and David H. talked about the good work of the Public Safety Foundation of Mendocino County, especially in their procurement of bloodhounds for our ‘search-&-rescue’ teams;
  • Susan mentioned an excellent article by Victor David Hanson called “A Presidency Squandered” and a link was requested.  Here it is:  http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/330505/presidency-squandered-victor-davis-hanson#
  • Nov. 6th PROPOSITIONS.  These were discussed one-by-one…with the following recommendations:

“NO” on 30, 31, 34, 35, 36,37, 38, and 39;

“YES on 32, 33 and 40.


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 15th, 2012

at Jensen’s Restaurant in Ukiah  6 p.m. for dinner   <>  7 p.m. meeting

(No meeting in December)